Walking along White River

The last week had a little more discovery for me. My wife, dog, and I took a different trail through White River State Park recently, which meandered down the river. It wouldn’t even have been accessible last week, what with the flooding.

We walked by a little waterfall and rapids that I had no idea were even there.


A lot of the path was covered in debris, presumably washed up from all the flooding.


Eventually, the path rose up from the river and deposited us near an overpass; it wound back down closer to the river just a little further on, disappearing into trees, but my walking companions were hot and tired, so we headed back.


For the return trip, we followed the roads, swinging back into downtown Indy and from there back to White River State Park and home. This leg of the journey was enjoyable too, and we saw some interesting imagery–both intentional artwork and otherwise.

It was a great walk–and that was just from a single lazy day!


2 thoughts on “Walking along White River

    1. Ha! I don’t think my dog would’ve been so excited if I’d spent the afternoon (virtually) walking that White River.


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