Yet more walking around Indy

My earlier post already had a lot of pictures from the week, but that was just from one walk. I have more, mostly from my usual walks to and from work, that I thought would be fun to share.

The usual divide exists: pictures of birds, and pictures of everything else. Including the header image above, I only have a few non-bird pictures to share this time–and one is of another animal.

On the other hand, I have several bird pictures to share…

Robin with some straw.

I am amazingly bad at identifying birds and am still getting used to properly searching for birds by characteristics. The above little cutey really posed for me, and yet I am having a heck of a time identifying it. American pipit or house finch seem like they could technically be plausible, but both seem more than a bit of a stretch. As usual, if you recognize the bird, please let me know in the comments! (And preferably, let me know why you know what type of bird it is! That way I can identify it easier.)

Another difficult one (for me, anyway). Bad picture doesn’t help. It stayed on the ground except to fly to different places as I walked near it, and it didn’t produce a call. If it was more iridescent, I’d feel pretty comfortable calling it a starling…Second guess is rusty blackbird, and I’m not sure at all after that.

Above: more poor-quality bird pictures. I actually think many of those photos are decent as (phone camera) photos, but I couldn’t tell what the birds were at the time, and the shots don’t really help me much in retrospect either.

And to close for today…

Such a cute fluff!


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