My favorite sights walking in Indy another week

Just by walking a slightly different way on White River, my wife and I had some beautiful new sunset views. And those views had lots of waterfowl. More ducks, more joy, so all was good, and I can tolerate geese when ducks are around too.


We also saw what I think was a woodchuck! It went sprinting through the grass to get to its hole when it saw us coming. I was so excited when I saw it! It poked its head out of its hole to see if we were gone, and since we were on a walking path above it, we could see it doing so. It was pretty cute, though I admit I felt a little bad that we were stressing it out so much just by walking down the sidewalk.

It’s not a good picture, but you can see the little head peeking out.

20170519_202443We also saw more rabbits!

Walking this past week also resulted in a little identification confusion. I’ve noticed, whenever I’ve gotten a good look at the trim on the red-winged

Horrible picture, especially with the light from the street lamp. But there’s a red-winged blackbird up top, and it’s one of the better images highlighting the more whitish trim I’ve typically noticed.

blackbirds, that it is almost always a stark white instead of yellow around the red. In fact, they all look more like the pictures one sees of tricolored blackbirds, even though those are only found on the Pacific Coast. I began to wonder if I was misidentifying my red-winged blackbirds, but I finally feel confident, after reviewing enough pictures, that I’ve been correct. Those trims seem to range from white to yellow, even if it does seem like yellow trim is a lot more common in photographs.

While that story’s a little embarrassing, I think I also have some cool photos to share from the past week. To start with, I have a picture of a brilliant red (and rather young- and slim-looking) Cardinal:


Blackbirds are hard for me to ID (outside of the red-winged variety), but I think the iridescent blue head and black body on the one below mean it’s a common grackle, even if it’s not so clear with the quality of picture:


The below blackbird may be another grackle, or it may be a rusty blackbird, or it may be something else entirely, but boy its eyes are intense:


Finally, I think this little guy is some type of sparrow, though I’m not sure which type:


All right, that’s all for this week! As usual, any suggestions on identifications are appreciated.

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