Another A:I book–about AI

I played more of Alien: Isolation! I want to be proud of that, but honestly I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself. I thought it would be worse playing through some of these levels the first time, not knowing when the alien was set to appear. In many ways, it’s worse knowing. I dread every moment leading up to those sequences.

But I have another book to showcase, as well as my favorite poster on the station that I’ve seen so far.

The book is The Android Brain by Albert Magnus, next to a computer user manual and what appears to be a magazine entitled Thrust. The legs in the corner belong to someone who will soon be dead. Apparently this book is a reference to something in the real world. Albertus Magnus, a German Dominican friar and Catholic bishop who lived in the thirteenth century, was later said to have made a mechanical automaton; perhaps the earliest use of the word “android” was in the context of describing this alleged invention, according to Wikipedia.

As for the poster, I just love the fact that it’s being retrofuturist in a setting that is already retrofuturist. Layers, man, layers.

This is almost certainly (maybe, probably) the last time I’m going to post about Alien: Isolation here, because any further ineffectual attempts to play through this game will almost surely be so brief and sporadic that it won’t be worth it to chronicle the effort. But, that said, on the off chance that I keep playing and come across any other cute books, and I have time to take a screenshot without peeing myself in fright, I’ll probably post those pictures here.

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