Gaming in another language?

Basically just for fun, I’ve been learning Spanish. I took classes in college, but I forgot a lot of that. At this point, I think I’ve learned more than I had learned by the end of my college education, though I know my speaking’s atrocious.

I thought it would be fun to attempt to play a game in Spanish. It’s a back-burner idea right now, as I don’t have a lot of time for another video game in addition to Arena (yeah, Alien: Isolation predictably sputtered out for me), but it’s something I’m considering. Right now I’ve been tossing around either Beyond Good & Evil or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I’ve played them both at least a few times, I’m familiar with the stories, and they both should allow time to stop and look up words or take an extra moment to translate dialogue if I get stuck on something.

However, I’d love to hear any suggestions. There are just a few things I’m looking for.

I’d like it to be a game where I can have both Spanish audio and Spanish subtitles. I’d prefer a game that requires prompts to progress dialogue and where there is no metagame urgency to the dialogue (so I can take my time reading it if I don’t understand what I’m hearing). The games I’ve suggested are games that I have familiarity with, so I’m hoping it will be easier to pick up on things, but it doesn’t have to be a game I’ve played before. The game could have Spanish dubbing, or it could be a game natively recorded in Spanish.

Again, I’d really appreciate any suggestions!

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