This week’s been crazy busy for me. I’ll have to catch up on my Arena play sometime next week, maybe even combine it with the post for next week. I didn’t play all that much this week anyway…

This evening’s walk turned into a really pretty fun little adventure of a (failed) detour! I took a lot of pictures and I have a story to go with it, so I look forward to sharing all that this weekend.

But that’s all for today!

Oh. One more thing. I read (most of) The Death of Expertise by Tom Nichols over the past weekend. Great examination of the current cultural mistrust of intellectuals and experts, outline of some of the causes and negative results, and advice for what experts and citizens can do to fix the rift. I still have a bit of the conclusion left, and I’m hoping to have time to finish tonight or tomorrow, but I can definitely recommend based on what I’ve read already.

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