BG&E 2 is finally coming for real this time, probably

Pretty cool to see the new trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 yesterday. Timing’s a little bit funny for me, since I was considering a replay of the game (in Spanish) as recently as last week. Sometimes you pick up on something subconsciously, see enough rumors and start regaining interest just in time for a big new announcement. Sometimes it works that way. Pretty sure it was just coincidence in this case.

Also funny: I saw that designer Michel Ancel told fans not to expect a reveal of the game at E3, but that we could expect something later this year. Okay, so that was rather misleading. Then again, I won’t complain about seeing more about this game sooner!

The trailer’s cool and all, but it’s just a mood-setting cinematic and says little about plot or setting and definitely nothing about gameplay or appearance of the actual project. A cinematic Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer is certainly not a guarantee of a near-future final project. (Speaking of, what was the deal with this? It took me long enough to find that old trailer, to the point that I almost believed I’d made it all up. Was that ever a real trailer? Was it a hoax? An abandoned version of the game? A PR announcement made way too soon and with too little developer input?)

The one thing that does seem to be explained by the new reveal is that this game is a prequel that will probably not have any recurring characters. I’ll trust the developers to create more memorable characters for me to fall in love with, but I do have to admit that I’m disappointed that we won’t apparently see more of Pey’j and Jade, unless they already have a Part Three in mind.

Anyway. I’m still putting off actually undertaking a Spanish-language game play-through, and in the meantime recommendations are still greatly appreciated (actually, recommendations are always appreciated). Before I tackle a game, I’m going to start reading Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal; a translation of a children’s book I’m already familiar with should be a good enough starting point.

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