Arena, Part 7.5

My last post gave a broad summary of my adventures, but it was just a summary. I explored the towns (featured image up top is Rihad’s Mages Guild). I traded goods. I handled some fetch quests. I even bought information about the Warlock’s Ring artifact, though it’s back in Morrowind, and I don’t think I’ll be returning that way too quickly.


I don’t plan to get into all the details of everything I did here. I mostly just wanted to share a couple of animations.

First up, there was a thug trying to intimidate people down a side alley:


Here he is in action:


Secondly, while exploring Stonekeep, I came across a couple of enemies that sort of glitched. The most humorous was a skeleton warrior that appeared to get stuck inside of a tapestry:


Oh! One final thing. Aizen was attacked by a magic-user outside of an inn at night, but magic-users aren’t often tough opponents at this stage, and being attacked by people at night is no longer such a unique or terrifying experience. I did snag a screenshot of the guy in action, though, and I think he looks pretty cool:


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