Arena, Part IX: Welcome to the Frightfully Frozen Fortress

Unfortunately, this week saw very little Arena play time, as I predicted. Resultantly, this post will be rather brief. I’ve started pushing through the Fortress of Ice. It is brutal. After walking through the door and enter the foyer, I was almost immediately KO’d by a pair of snow wolves–big, white versions of regular wolves, which can shoot frost spells at you in rapid-fire waves. Thankfully, I had a Resist Cold potion on me, so I was able to get through those wolves on my second attempt.


There were many wolves, though. Many wolves. I fell into a strategy of rushing them as quickly as possible, closing the distance to heal, and then getting in a few melee swings to slay them. With frequent saves, the strategy worked well enough.

After the wolves came the knights and warriors in full plate armor.


I passed cell after cell with more and more knights. I found that spamming fire dart and healing spells was the best way to deal with them, using melee strikes as needed. But it seemed there were always more, and I wasn’t finding good opportunities to rest. I could not get to one treasure on a center pedestal around a pit, but I did find a room loaded with treasures.

I eventually entered a room with a hulking, plate-armored brute who swiped at me with what appeared to be clawed hands. It seemed undead to me, but consultation of the game manual and the usual online resources indicates to me that this was an ice golem. I fought hard (no time for a screencap), but it quickly killed me.

And that, unfortunately, is all I have for this week. Next week will probably see me first retreat to a nearby town for rest, resupply, and recycling. My inventory’s already pretty loaded down, and I’ve burned through a lot of my potions. Plus, with how ice-dominated this place is, learning a Resist Cold spell (rather than just relying on potions) is probably a necessity.

Oh! One final thing. I did remember to record one of the unique death screens, wherein Tharn taunts the protagonist:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What a relentless jerk.

By the way, with Gen Con this week, I don’t plan to post anything this Sunday. My next post will be a week from now, on Thursday, if all goes according to plan. It should be another Arena update.

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