Saturday Outing

My wife and I decided to go to the Indiana State Library and the Indianapolis Central Library today. We’d never been to either. Well, we still haven’t been to the Indiana State Library even now, because it was closed today for the Labor Day weekend. I swear that Google said it would be open when I checked yesterday.

Anyway. The Indianapolis Central Library is amazing! What an awesome resource. We explored each floor, I took some computer time mostly to look for catalog items, and we checked out some books. Just touring the building itself was lovely.

I’ve been to several other central Indiana libraries (in Marion County, the Southport and Haughville branches, and in Johnson County, the Franklin and White River branches and the Greenwood library), and of course they just don’t compare. But their function isn’t the same, either. I guess I should have expected the “Central Library” to be both an awesome repository of items and a rather extravagant architectural curiosity in its own right. But I was surprised regardless, and in a very good way. It’s in easy walking distance of us, and given its nonfiction and fiction resources and its solid collection of local historical and governmental documents (plus its microfilm and digital periodical collections!), I suspect we’ll now be back a lot more often.

On one of those future trips, maybe I’ll find a reason to get into the Special Collections room, which is for now an enticing mystery to me.


Oh, the library also has some cool artifacts, some pertaining to local history and some rather random, like these molds from the Chinese Terracotta Army:

This horse pleases me greatly. He seems like he just wants to be a friend.

We also walked to a Fever game (free tickets, so no reason not to go), and over the course of our walking around town throughout the day, I took a couple of architectural pictures that I’m happy with.


Last but not least, I have one final image to share. The Power Rangers are real, and they train in Indianapolis:


The Blue Ranger ran right past us on the other side of the canal, in full outfit. We were both so shocked and amused that we didn’t think to try to take a picture until he was already off in the distance. I don’t believe that any UFO is extraterrestrial in origin, but I certainly have sympathy for the people who only seem to manage to get blurry, far-off shots of UFOs (or Sasquatch, or the Loch Ness monster, or ghosts, or any other made-up monster or paranormal phenomenon). Documenting the shockingly unusual is the last thing on one’s mind at the time.

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