Arena, Part ???: I DID It

They may have all doubted me. Didn’t think I’d really come back with it. Mage with his kind words and dismissive pats on the shoulder. Who’s paying attention to whom now, mage? Huh?

That’s right. I did it, for real this time. Lookee here, mage. Look at it! The tablet!


Ha. Ha! Hahaha. Give me my directions, magi-boy. Write ’em down right here. I haven’t got all day.

Yes, it’s time to pay up. Oh, it might have seemed insurmountable, but I came at it with fire and fury and determination and–well, even more fire. A lot of fire. I was angry and I funneled that anger into every dripping ice monster before me. And sure, maybe I left behind something in those halls…my sanity? My humanity? A literal mountain of snow wolf corpses? But I brought back this damn tablet and now you’re going to give me the damn directions to the next damn hole I’m going to crawl down into and blow up.

Oh, also, can you sell me some potions?

(Fuller write-up next Thursday?)

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