Arena, Part XI: How I Did It

If you read my last (unnumbered) Arena post, you’ll know that I got the tablet from the Fortress of Ice. And in that post, I suggested that I’d have a more detailed write-up this Thursday (today!). Well, here is that write-up, though it won’t be that long (it will have minor spoilers though, including a riddle solution). There wasn’t that much gameplay; I just loaded up with a lot of potions and new, well-maintained gear and just barreled through as quickly as possible to the upper levels.

There was plenty of fighting.

Enemies included wolves, magical snow wolves, ice golems, and knights and warriors in full plate mail. I gained a level, and as usual this made things just a little bit easier, but I suspect that most of the ease was just going into this with a clear purpose, a fairly small area to search (though of course even what was left of the upper level was covered in winding tunnels), and lots and lots of potions. I had a pile of potions, and I used most of them.

As expected by now, I had to answer a riddle to get through a door to get to my treasure.


“Wind” or “air” seemed equally applicable to me, except for “I’m lack of space.” Air applied more than wind, although frankly it didn’t sit quite right with me–“air,” after all, isn’t really a lack of space, is it? It’s just space occupied by atmospheric gases? (I looked it up on Merriam-Webster just now, and while my idea of atmospheric gases is the first definition, the second definition is “empty space,” which still after all involves space, or “NOTHINGNESS,” which I suppose is pretty definitively not space or anything else at all.) Anyway, I went with my gut. Typing “air” yielded this:


I’m pleased that I guessed correctly. I am curious as to what answers would have been allowed, though. Would it have been fine capitalized? What about if I had used wind, or some other synonym for air? I was too interested in just finishing the dungeon to save and test other alternatives, so I may never know. (I actually looked this up just now too, and The Elder Scrolls Wiki says “Air” or “Wind” are acceptable.)

Now that I knew to consider any old detritus on the floor as possibly significant, and given that the room was small, I easily found the tablet.

Thelen who?

Then I got the hell out of there. I arrived back in the city at night, unfortunately having to deal with a couple of minotaurs–not that they’re much of a big deal anymore, but I was mentally exhausted by this point and my character was just beginning to run low on equipment.


I passed the night in an inn after some aimless wandering through the city. The next day I went to the Mages Guild and delivered the tablet.

I forgot this dude even had a name.

I now had the location of Labyrinthian. I bought even more potions from the mage and traveled to the town of Dunpar Wall, near to this next dungeon. I haven’t played anymore so far. I haven’t even done my usual equipment trade-in yet. But I’m not angry at the game, so I’ll probably play some more this week.

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