Zoo Pics

Before we get to the actual trip to the zoo, I want to talk about woodchucks. There’s a sort of zoo annex across the road from the borders of the zoo itself, and at this annex they keep a lot of odds and odds, seemingly abandoned pallets and out-of-use-equipment and maintenance supplies. This would be unremarkable, but it’s near to our neighborhood, so we see it often enough in some form. And while this was initially unrelated, a big woodchuck had taken up residence on the fringes of our neighborhood, and this was also the sort of thing that would be unremarkable except for proximity to us. These two items became related when the woodchuck set up regular rounds at the annex. And the woodchuck eventually invited a friend. I have never snapped a good picture of this woodchuck, though I have taken many as we have driven by. Google Photos helpfully suggested this animation:

20170929_174957-ANIMATION.gif It is a bad animation. Choppy, abrupt, obsessively fixated on a blurry object in the middle distance…it is therefore perfect, encapsulating my amateurish efforts to get a proper glimpse of this fellow. We would surely be great buddies if the woodchuck would just give me a chance.

Here is the woodchuck and the woodchuck’s pal, who is also a woodchuck, glancing back coquettishly at me after they passed through a chain-link fence and therefore eliminated the possibility of a good picture:


Well, that’s enough of that woodchuck. Onto the good stuff. (Woodchuck, if you are reading this, first off, congratulations on your literacy; I assume that’s rare among your species! But also, if I’m being honest, you are the good stuff and I am just envious. Stop by or give me a call. Would love to be friends.)

The rest of the pictures don’t have a story–they’re just what I liked best of the pictures I collected from today. I present to you: zoo pics.

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