Big Hat Guy

Now that we have the fate of Luke’s Jedi training temple outlined in The Last Jedi, I hope that we’ll see new stories in the books and comics (and perhaps even a game?) exploring those years with Luke’s first crop of students.

There was a ton of content covering Luke’s efforts to restore and grow the Jedi Order in the old EU, and I hope to see some of that come up in the new canon. Luckily, we jettison a lot of baggage with the old EU, and Luke doesn’t seem like such a bad leader without some of the bloat of fallen apprentices and such that accompanied the older line. I am very interested to see what kind of teacher Luke was, especially outside of the context of Kylo Ren, a boy who maybe couldn’t have been saved from the Dark.

That all said, the only purpose for this post today is that I want to know more about the guy pictured up top. A lot more. He’s the guy killed by Kylo Ren during Rey’s vision sequence in The Force Awakens. Looping the scene over and over in a YouTube clip, I finally realized that the guy is probably human–I’d never gotten a good enough glimpse before to know. But that’s irrelevant. Dude has a very, very cool hat. I love his hat, and I want to know about this guy with this very cool hat. The only person with a hat cooler than this dude’s hat is probably Embo.

Embo and his hat.

If you know anything about Big Hat Guy–like if his name’s popped up in some visual dictionary or creator commentary–please let me know. It’s pretty clear to me that we aren’t getting this guy’s story in any film. Frankly, we should not. He’s not important (to the plot, for he is quite important to me, yes, precious). But I hope he pops up somewhere, in some side story. This is the random sort of extra that would end up with a complicated backstory in the old EU. Let’s make it happen! Give me more Big Hat Guy!


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