Hux, Traitor

Just a short post of wild speculation today. Hux is a petty character, someone devoted to the fascist First Order but someone who also seems to be very deeply a pack animal, a dog. He is kicked and beaten and swears loyalty to the abuser. He cannot even comprehend the loss of his master. When there is an opportunity to shift power, he must be abused again to bow to a new leader. And when he sees a chance in the midst of that power shift, he briefly contemplates murder to advance his own ambitions.

Ambition is an odd word for Hux, in a way, because while he seems to crave power, it’s hard to imagine that he’d know what to do with it. He isn’t really leader material.

In the spirit of wild plot twists, my own random speculation for a movie coming out in about two years, which will almost certainly be proven wrong, is that Hux grows tired of working under the new Supreme Leader and decides to defect. Maybe the new film actually allows a jump in time, and we see the Resistance resurgent, winning offensives, giving the strained First Order a run for its money as Supreme Leader Kylo Ren remains fixated on Rey. Maybe we even open with Hux attempting to defect–and maybe that defection won’t be successful.

I’m not going anywhere with this, it’s not critical analysis, it’s just speculation. Anyone inclined to share the vision?

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