Not so much a movie review…

My wife and I were going to see Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie today, but then we didn’t.

I don’t care at all about Yu-Gi-Oh! (always with that exclamation mark–maybe it should calm down a bit), but my wife has long been a fan of the show. There’s a lot of nostalgia, but that fandom has also helped her get through some dark times. I can respect its importance in her life (she’s written about that before on her own blog). I certainly have my share of pop culture obsessions. So while I don’t care about the show, I was perfectly willing to go with her to see The Movie.

AMC had a special two-day showing. Sam bought tickets early. The day of, she was excited and pushed us to leave early. We got there with plenty of time. And a couple of minor misfortunes ensued.

To start, we apparently had the wrong showtime. Sam had marked the start for 12:30–and I heard others also confused that the movie hadn’t started by that time. Turns out, the theater we attended had the time set for 12:55. She says the post she saw on Facebook had the earlier time; while I can’t find that post now, I’m inclined to believe her, especially since others were similarly confused. However, we have to concede that the AMC website, at least, does show 12:55 (as did her tickets the day of).

It was confusing, but I had nowhere better to be, so I was willing to wait it out. No promotions, no trailers, no sound, though, so we sat reclined in a dark theater. I suppose, under the circumstances, we could have just talked like normal humans, but dark theaters so strongly signal silence that we both mostly hovered over our phones.

Eventually 12:55 came around and passed. And then 1:05. At Sam’s request, I went to inquire about what was going on, and was assured that it was a projection issue. However, the screen stayed dark for another 20+ minutes, and at last a theater employee came in to tell us that the projector was down, that it could not be restored despite various attempts to resolve the issue.

The end result was a refund, two general movie passes, and some coupons. Frankly, it wasn’t a bad experience, and I felt that the theater did enough to try to make up for the occurrence. I know it was disappointing for Sam, though.

There’s one final showing of this film tomorrow. Sam’s going to try to go again. I hope it works this time, but either way, I’m sitting it out.

And that’s my day! How was yours?

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