Forces of Destiny, Round 6: “Triplecross”

Yet another Star Wars post today, because as usual I can’t help myself. There’s been a new addition to the Forces of Destiny episode line-up: “Triplecross,” which came out over Solo‘s release weekend and stars Qi’ra. It’s a cute little story guest-starring IG-88 and Hondo Ohnaka. I’m a big fan of both of these rogues; the self-destructive, double-crossing Hondo is in top form, and IG-88 had enough lines this episode to actually give him something of a personality.

I don’t know if the animators simply had more time to focus on this one-shot episode or what, but the production values seem improved. While still maintaining the stripped-down, minimalist aesthetic, I would say that the characters had a little more detail than usual. Colors popped. The city they’re in looks beautiful, even though it’s largely empty of other inhabitants wandering the streets.

Unfortunately, there’s very little connection to Solo, and there’s nothing really new or interesting about Qi’ra’s character here. (Wow, she’s a charming survivor who will do anything to get out on top and is quite comfortable with deception? That’s…exactly how she is in the film.)

I think a series of micro-episodes that focused on female characters would be cool, if it was either a continuous narrative over multiple episodes or slightly longer vignettes. The current convention is too short and disconnected to amount to anything substantial. My usual complaints, of course, but it’s especially jarring when a highlight episode for this series is so obviously meaningless next to the film it’s reflecting.

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