Return / Updates

I was accidentally away from the blog for a while. On return, I decided to make a couple changes.

First, I’ve changed the WordPress template I’m using to hopefully make things more streamlined. Now there’s a greater emphasis on text, which is after all the primary format of this blog. I think images still look fine with the changes. And the stream of past blog posts feels less overwhelming to me now. I genuinely liked the walls of images until I didn’t anymore. (There are some other minor tweaks, like the addition of displayed archives.)

Also, I created a Facebook page for this blog. If you like the blog, I’d be flattered by a like of the page, but it’s basically just there to make it easier to publish new posts to Facebook now.

If you like (or dislike) the changes, feel free to let me know.

I think I’ll be back to regular posts now. It’s funny–I’ll schedule stuff through holidays, but then it’s after the holidays that I get behind.

(Header: Oil painting by Samantha Melvin, 2016.)

3 thoughts on “Return / Updates

  1. Looks good, though you could probably make the title a little bigger. I liked your Facebook page under my real-person account and if you figure out who it is, you’ll see I commit one of the cardinal of fan fiction writing, which is to name your protagonist something close to your own name.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Okay, after some experimentation, I ended up jumping themes again. I saw what you meant about the title; now I think the blog header and titles of individual posts look a lot better (certainly the header title looks bigger). Obviously there are further formatting changes, too, but the other big change was to the color palette. I like this new color (slate?) more than the beige, but anything other than a clean white background!

      Also, given the still-small volume of people who have liked the page so far, it was easy enough to figure out who you were, haha! The name’s different enough–and given my history of only SLIGHTLY different RPG character names, I couldn’t judge even if I wanted to.


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