Well obviously I didn’t post at all over December after my announcement that I’d be cutting back. It truly ended up being a quite busy end-of-year for me, and things were capped off by a week-long stay with family in Florida. This week should finally mark a full return to normalcy for me, and part of that is returning to the old Sunday/Thursday posting schedule.

This post is a bit of a cheat, since it’s just an announcement of my return to posting, but I have to start somewhere!

I actually don’t have any updates for Vampyr or Little Dragons Cafe, as I haven’t played either over the past month. But I have already played a lot of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, despite only getting the game at the end of December. I mean, I still suck at it, but I’ve played it a lot and have a lot of fun with it. So one of my first posts back will probably be my impressions of the game.

In addition to that, there are several films I want to post about, and I’d like to discuss my favorite games of 2018 and maybe what I’m most wanting to play in 2019, and I’d really like to dive into why I’m loving the Switch so much, and as of today I’m determined to actually get back into my Arena play-through. More ideas swirling about, and while I don’t want to spend all my writing time devoted to the blog, I’m excited by the reality that I actually have more time on evenings and weekends now to devote to writing in general, so I think this could be a productive year in that regard. It’s nice to be in a position to only work a single job again, and I hope that that stays the case for quite a while.

So that’s all I have to say for now, except to add in closing, I hope your new year looks bright!

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