DC Universe, Take Two

It’s stupidly quick how soon I have another take on DC Universe. I don’t want to keep talking about it, and this blog will never, ever be comics-focused, but I do feel that I have to update my initial impression.

That’s because I actually downloaded the Android app on my tablet today. DC Universe would appear to be developed around the app first; the website version simply feels inferior. Searching, browsing, and interacting with comics was easier. The searching actually worked better! It felt more intuitive when following characters or series down rabbit holes into new discoveries. Some comics were suggested that I simply did not find through the website.

And My DC actually works now, tracking what I read and watched (even historic stuff). Downloading comics was painless, and it was easy to delete them when done to free up space (while still preserving them in my reading history). I had no issues with reader stability, and the panel view and autoplay feature enabled me to read a comic issue while at the gym, even.

Maybe there’s been an update since my first impressions? But I’d still emphasize that using the app really shows the value of DC Universe and makes its digital comics reading experience a rewarding one.

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