Migraine Day

I had a truly fantastic day out with my wife yesterday. We drove and walked around Indy, hitting up different bakeries to try free samples as part of the Macaron Day event. It felt like a true kick-off to spring, when we finally go out and try different things.

Today came with a vengeance, however. I woke with a headache that morphed into an ever-worsening migraine, and I was more or less incapacitated for much of the day. Finally, with a second Imitrex, my headache’s gradually subsiding. But this won’t be the day of writing and reading I’d hoped it would be. So much for getting to those additional blog posts (or the other things I’d planned to work on today).

But I truly can’t complain! It was a weekend, and a day I didn’t have plans with anyone, so the migraine didn’t disrupt all that much. And I used to get migraines at least monthly…years ago, even more frequently than that. And of course, plenty of people out there deal with even worse migraines with far greater frequency.

Still, it’s a minor irritant to have a day blown like this, and without me even making a conscious decision to, say, sit on the couch with a bag of chips in one hand and a Switch controller in the other.

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