I was wrong: The Mandalorian 1.7

Over the past couple of episodes, I admit that I was getting a little frustrated with the pacing of the show. In retrospect, that was imprudent of me. The seventh episode pays off so many developments in earlier episodes. Characters and plot points carefully placed over time, in a way that feels strikingly organic, have now come together in an exciting way. And now we are moving at breakneck pace, the episode ending in a tragic cliffhanger. I was moved and surprised and impressed. And I’d have to say that (almost) every episode was vital for reaching this point.

Full speed ahead to the ending–but first, The Rise of Skywalker!

2 thoughts on “I was wrong: The Mandalorian 1.7

  1. I would have even been okay with a few more weeks of slower, episodic world-building, as the “standalone” chapters 4-6 did, but I do think Ch 7 starts bringing it all together in an immensely satisfying way. Next Friday can’t come soon enough. I want Quiil to survive but, alas, I fear that’s probably not in the cards. Love that Mando will (presumably) have to deal with his droid trauma in the continued presence of the rewired IG-11. So much great action and telling a pretty straightforward plot, all with comfortably familiar Star Wars trappings but still managing to feel fresher and newer than it has any right to… What a great show.

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    1. Agreed, including (with the benefit of hindsight) that I’d be content with more standalone episodes. I’m guessing we’ll see more seasons, and if so, I have trust in the show to do whatever it wants.


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