TCW 7.8: “Together Again”

Ahsoka and the Martez sisters finally escape from prison and resolve the immediate threat of the Pyke Syndicate in this episode, and the Martez arc comes to a satisfying close. After some ups and downs, Ahsoka has earned the fondness and trust of both of the sisters, and she’s realized that she can’t hide from her identity as a former Jedi, nor can she avoid the higher moral calling ingrained in her. As the sisters tell her toward the end, she acts like the model of how they want Jedi to be.

And now we’re off to deal with Mandalorians, Maul, and more. For all I know, this will be the last we see of the Martez sisters, which would be a shame. This episode raced by at a sprint, with major plot and character moments loaded into what felt like near-constant action. It’s an impressive feat. So much is happening this season, but I wish they had maybe a few more episodes in the season to further explore characters like these sisters, or to get into some of the side stories of the war that previous seasons indulged in. No time to think about that, though, it would seem. Onward, to Mandalore!

2 thoughts on “TCW 7.8: “Together Again”

  1. “As the sisters tell her toward the end, she acts like the model of how they want Jedi to be.” – That’s what I loved most about this whole story arc, that Ahsoka didn’t have to leave the sisters like some Star Wars version of Dr. David Banner from the old Hulk TV show, with “Lonely Man” playing in the background. She managed to redeem the sisters’ ideas about the Jedi and rediscover for herself what it was that appealed to her about being a Jedi in the first place. It was a story about redeeming noble ideals after those who profess to hold them have fallen short of them (not unlike what “Star Trek: Picard” is doing). It was a solid arc all around, with, as you point out lots of action and character, but had this last episode gone the easy way out, with Ahsoka leaving in shame because the Martez sisters discovered she was a Jedi, it would all have been for naught. More great work from Dave Filoni and the Clone Wars team!

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