So much for those technopaths

Update from the last post already. Well, that fight ended up being a bit anticlimactic. The technopaths had wandered far enough apart that they weren’t both drawn to me when I launched my attack on one. I used a telekinetic blast to disorient it and do a little damage, then hit it with the GLOO gun to freeze it up and bring it down to my level. But it was floating so high, it just shattered to bits on impact. I mopped up its operator escort and moved to the second technopath. That second was so high that I could just calmly wait for it to creep down to me after I hit it with a telekinetic blast. Then I knocked out its operator with the GLOO gun before turning the weapon on the slowly descending technopath and repeating my stunt. I just needed to knock out the operator for good after that, and then the fight was over.

But then of course I had to get medications for a friend and then I explored the exterior of the station and then I reentered an airlock to pursue a side quest and then I got in a fight with a couple poltergeists and then…I finally said time to call it a night! This game is so fun.

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