Out with the old, in with the new–thank god

I’m glad to see that Joe Biden appears to be set to be the next President of the United States, but I’m really, really, really thrilled to see that Donald Trump appears to be approaching the end of his presidency after one term, leaving a legacy as an impeached president who lost the popular vote twice. It’s disappointing to see that so many people still clung to Trump to the bitter end, whether because they liked his personality or liked his policies or liked his implicit (and sometimes not-so-implicit) blessing to openly foment white nationalist domestic terrorism or simply because they always voted Republican. And while our antiquated, autocratic electoral college system (and delays in processing and counting absentee votes) made the election seem way closer than it should have been, Biden did have more votes for him than for any other president ever, so that’s something.

While we’ve still got a couple months to play out while Trump and his allies insist he won as they pursue pointless and mostly meritless litigation, and while we might be looking at another Republican-majority Senate playing eternal opposition party, and while I’m already over the hot takes from centrists and “moderate” Republicans that the lesson Dems should learn is to cooperate with them yet again rather than build on and listen to their progressive base, I’m feeling hopeful about the future. That’s a good Sunday feeling.

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