Another week of photos

I really don’t set out with some target. I have no goal to upload pictures to this blog. I have no aims to take a certain number of pictures every week. I just see pretty things and I want to try to record them, sometimes. Those moments are frequent enough that I keep ending up with a lot of pictures by the end of the week. Most of the pictures are bad, and many of the ones I like are still poor quality, or at best still fail to capture exactly what I loved about the scene. But I keep trying. And so these weekly posts keep happening.

Here are some of the animals we’ve seen before, plus a really bad picture of a chipmunk:

Here are some new or hard-to-identify animals:

And here are a couple of landscape shots:

Dandelion heads were blowing in the breeze over all this color.
I took a picture of my wife taking a picture of this tree.

Plus some moss:

20170525_184920.jpgI also took several pictures of the river, which were automatically stitched together into a decent panorama in Google Photos:


Finally, duck in flight:


Hope there was something you saw that you enjoy! And cheers, enjoy Memorial Day.