Sharing my wife’s interview…with me

My wife writes about dealing with her mental illness and navigating identity with a multicultural background on her own blog. I have so far abstained from sharing anything from there on my own site, because at some point I would just share all the things. But recently she interviewed me to talk about what it was like living with someone with mental illness, and I suppose I’m sort of flattered, and it’s hard not to share something that (I think) makes me look good!

If you’re interested to read more, see below. But her entire blog’s worth checking out if you’d like an honest conversation about the subjects I mentioned above. If you do read the interview and don’t know me personally–yes, I really do ramble as much as that post makes it seem. And I have a horrible habit of trailing off in the middle…

“Being real, not hiding things and being able to talk about things that bother you and not let it fester…That’s important.”

via Interview with My Husband — Learning to Walk the Tightrope