Why not release Detective Pikachu on Switch?

So, Detective Pikachu comes to theaters in a month. And Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy was just released for the Nintendo Switch. Yet there seem to be no plans to release any version of the Detective Pikachu game on Nintendo Switch.

The timing seems right, but nothing seems to be happening. Then again, it surprises me how quickly the time between some game announcements and releases has been for the Switch. Maybe Nintendo will still capitalize on the film release with a port, remake, or sequel of the game for the Switch.

I never played Detective Pikachu. But there’s a decent chance I would if it came to the Switch.

Either way, though the movie looks absurd, I imagine that it will be one my wife and I see in theaters. She’s really looking forward to it!

(P.S. Sam, I know that Yu-Gi-Oh! will always be the TCG closest to your heart, but these early-screening-exclusive booster packs for Detective Pikachu might just get you even more amped up for the movie!)

Not so much a movie review…

My wife and I were going to see Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie today, but then we didn’t.

I don’t care at all about Yu-Gi-Oh! (always with that exclamation mark–maybe it should calm down a bit), but my wife has long been a fan of the show. There’s a lot of nostalgia, but that fandom has also helped her get through some dark times. I can respect its importance in her life (she’s written about that before on her own blog). I certainly have my share of pop culture obsessions. So while I don’t care about the show, I was perfectly willing to go with her to see The Movie.

AMC had a special two-day showing. Sam bought tickets early. The day of, she was excited and pushed us to leave early. We got there with plenty of time. And a couple of minor misfortunes ensued.

To start, we apparently had the wrong showtime. Sam had marked the start for 12:30–and I heard others also confused that the movie hadn’t started by that time. Turns out, the theater we attended had the time set for 12:55. She says the post she saw on Facebook had the earlier time; while I can’t find that post now, I’m inclined to believe her, especially since others were similarly confused. However, we have to concede that the AMC website, at least, does show 12:55 (as did her tickets the day of).

It was confusing, but I had nowhere better to be, so I was willing to wait it out. No promotions, no trailers, no sound, though, so we sat reclined in a dark theater. I suppose, under the circumstances, we could have just talked like normal humans, but dark theaters so strongly signal silence that we both mostly hovered over our phones.

Eventually 12:55 came around and passed. And then 1:05. At Sam’s request, I went to inquire about what was going on, and was assured that it was a projection issue. However, the screen stayed dark for another 20+ minutes, and at last a theater employee came in to tell us that the projector was down, that it could not be restored despite various attempts to resolve the issue.

The end result was a refund, two general movie passes, and some coupons. Frankly, it wasn’t a bad experience, and I felt that the theater did enough to try to make up for the occurrence. I know it was disappointing for Sam, though.

There’s one final showing of this film tomorrow. Sam’s going to try to go again. I hope it works this time, but either way, I’m sitting it out.

And that’s my day! How was yours?